Thursday, September 8, 2011

R.I.P Crazy 3/12/07-9/6/11

I have always wanted a Pug dog all my life. I finally gave in and got one back in 07. Named her Crazy :) She was the best thing that happened to my family and I.

Sunday morning (9/4/2011) we noticed that her dog food was all over the floor, she never dumped her dog food before. We really did not think to much of it, until later that day. My boyfriend and his friend noticed her running around our pool like she way laying on it and running. Ben called for her and she did not come to him, so he went over there. He found her seizing. OMG what do we do now, she never ever had one before. I called her vet immediately and he told us if she has one again to call. Well about 9:30 that night she did, we called the vet back and rushed her in, he gave her 4 shots and meds to come home on. The same night she had like 6-7 seizures, 1:30am I called her vet again told him what was going on and he told us to give her 2 more pills, we did just that and she had one more big seizure before going to bed that night.

Monday morning she seemed to be in better shape running around the house like a little puppy smelling everything. She even ate and drank a lot of water. She never did go to the bathroom though. She looked like she was getting real tired after about a half hour so I put her back in a little padded area we made her and thats where she stayed all day, she never once got up. I thought she was just really tired from the day and night before.

I talked the vet and told him what was going on told him I think she may be in a coma. He said Tuesday I want you to call and bring her back in. Tuesday came and we took he back and well there was nothing more we could do for her, I did not like seeing her suffer any longer. She kept having little seizures at the vet I mean at-least 10-15. So I did the best thing for her, I put her to sleep. That was by far the hardest thing I have EVER in my life had to do. I feel like I lost one of my kids.

From the very start of her seizing I did a Google search "Why is my Pug having Seizures" the first thing that came up was PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis) So when we had to rush her in Sunday night that was basically her diagnosis considering all her symptoms, she had every single one for the PDE. What we read from Sunday until Monday night we knew, there was nothing we could have done for her. There is NO cure for PDE and it is always fatal. We read that most dogs die with in a couple weeks to a couple months after getting the symptoms. I wish there would have been more that I could have done for my Crazy, but there was nothing more. I gave it my all, I tried my best. In the end it was not enough.

PDE took my best friend from me on 9/6/2011 R.I.P Crazy momma loves and misses you so much, your in a better place now where there will be no more pain no more suffering for you! I hope you know I tried my best to save you and I only did what I thought was right, I did not want you to suffer no more. I love you!



Kim Bee said...

I am so sorry about your beloved pet. We lost our 14 year old dog in April to a terminal stroke. We also lost our 8 year old cat to kidney disease after one year of treatment. It`s so sad to lose our pets. They are family. I am so sorry for your loss.

Unknown said...

Poor Crazy. =( I know how you feel, my doggies are like children to me. I hope she did not suffer too much and that you are beginning to heal. <3

Ericka said...

@Kim I am so sorry to hear that. We was and still are extremely devastated over our loss, although we know she is in a better place it still hurts not having her here with us! It is never easy losing a member of the family.

@Camilleta I pray she didn't either, I know when she got sick it hit her pretty hard. I know in my heart I did everything I could for her. We even tried our best for he to be comfortable! It was not easy seeing her the way she was that's for sure. And I think what made it even harder was it was so sudden and the fact that she had to be tested for Rabies =\ just because she was sprayed by a skunk a month before she got sick. We had her cremated so she is back home now and we are setting up a memorial for her!

Thank you both for your kind words they truly mean a lot to my family and I. God Bless!

Unknown said...

I realize I'm coming late to this post, but I'm so sorry for you and your families loss. It is so hard to loose a cherished pet, our cat was like our first baby and when she died it really hurt. My thoughts are with you!


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