Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yesterday we went fishing and it was fun and exciting! When we first got out there I got a bite and, I started reeling it in and at first it seemed to be little, yea right it fooled me and was just following my line in once I got it up to our blow up boat that we was in it started to go underneath it and then thats when I realized it was big because it about took my pole under with it but yea then the unexpected happened... my line broke!! I was like DANG IT!! I was so scard and mad lol. I was shaking because at the time I had my feet resting on the side of the boat when the fish went underneath of it heh! A little bit after that I had that fish on my line I got another bite so I started to reel that in and right off the bat I knew I had something big so I handed it to Ben to reel in for me. As he was reeling it in he just thought I snagged a log lol. He fought with that log for a good 3-4 minute before we could see what it was. It was a HUGE soft shell turtle when I seen the claws on that thing I was like oooooooh my gosh, "we have to cut that line" because mind you we was in a blow up boat lol. I was scard we was gonna start going down. So ben cut the line and the turtle swam away! Good thing we only use small thin hooks because the hook will rust and fall off, so it didn't hurt the turtle at all. Over all I had a blast, I think we are gonna go ride my 4-wheelers today! Have a good one everyone!!!



Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds crazy snagging a turtle. I would definitely have been shocked. Sounds like a great day for all though.

Unknown said...

LOL I would have had to go to the bathroom.


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